Saturday, November 19, 2011

APMAA Conference 2011 - Day Three

Day three started with three parallel sessions which were grouped under Finance, Audit & Financial Reporting and Management Accounting- Budget & Reward System. A total of nine papers were presented in the early morning sessions. After the morning break, another twelve papers were elaborated and discussed in three sub-groups of "performance evaluation", "Balanced Scorecard" and "intellectual Capital & Information Technology". The final session of the conference was the Plenary Discussions. The Plenary segment was moderated by Professor Akira Nishimura, the founder and first president of the Asia Pacific Management Accounting Association (APMAA). Two speakers namely Prof Paul Scarborough from Brock University, Canada and Prof Kenji Yasukata from Kinki University Japan presented their papers which looked at the role of management accounting information in value creation in international companies. Prior to the closing of the conference, APMAA President Professor Susumo Ueno made his closing speech and remark. In a nutshell APMAA Conference 2011 has achieved its objectives. In the afternoon, private meetings were held by members of the steering committee
and the Asia Pacific Management Accounting Journal APMAJ. Discussions were also made on forging international research collaboration among APMAA member countries and for members to secure international grants for the projects. The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) from Malaysia is initiating a one year research project on "Target Costing Implementation and Practices in Asia Pacific Region". To date, members from several countries have indicated interest to participate: Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Indonesia and Bangladesh. The group hopes to present their survey findings during the next APMAA Conference. Another collaborative project is a managemenmt accounting book with the proposed title of "Management Accounting Practices in the Asia Pacific Region" which is also targeted to be completed within a year. Professor Roger Willet and Professor Nishimura will be joint editors for this book. Till we meet again next year at the 8th APMAA Conference in Xiamen, China.

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