Monday, November 21, 2011

Financial Fraud Investigation Analysis

Master students from the Anti Money Laundering and Financial Criminology course presented their respective local financial fraud cases and showcased different analytical techniques which include Beniesh M-Score Model, Horizontal & Analytical Analysis, Ratio Analaysia. Fraud Risk Indicator Typology, Risk Management Model, Financial Integrity model, Accounting Anamolies Analysis. Some of the local cases presented include Transmile Berhad, Megan Media Berhad, Nasioncom, Tat Sang Berhad, Jasatera Bhd, Wimems Corporation Bhd, Welli Multi Corporation and Inix Group. One of the groups was presenting two cases of cheque fraud and how the use of the VSC6000 document analyzer machine was able to detect the fraud. The focus of the presentation was to highlight financial fraud investigation framework as well as analysis of the data collected. Most of the companies who were involved with financial reporting-related issues have since either been suspended or delisted from the local bourse.

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