Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Publication on CISM

The Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) is embarking on the publication of a new book titled "Corporate Integrity System Malaysia" (CISM). The Accounting Research Institute, which is represented by its director, Professor Dr Normah Omar has been invited to chair the "Book Publication" meeting held today at IIM. Premised on the New Economic Model (NEM) the CISM solicits feedback from various stakeholders: Professional Bodies, Trade chambers, Academia Experts, Regulatory Authorities, Enforcement Agencies, Multinational Corporations, Government-Linked Companies,
Public Listed Companies, Small Medium Industries, Retailers and Consumer Markets. In soliciting feedback from stakeholders, the Private Sector Group of IIM had organized many Roundtable sessions and seminars. The academia Expert group has successfully produced a "Consultative Document on Corporate Integrity System Assessment Questionnaire" that can be used by corporations to self-assess their corporate integrity system.

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