Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Tools and Research Projects in Financial Fraud investigation

Towards the end of the semester, the students who are currently undertaking the Anti Money Laundering and Financial Criminology course are busy finalising their final research project. The project requires the students to work in group and to choose real financial fraud cases and to simulate the cases with latest analytical techniques in fraud investigation. The simulation project requires them to come up with fresh documentary evidences by conducting face to face interviews with different groups of employees affected by the fraud or to discuss with enforcement agencies and regulators.. Throughout the semester, the students have been exposed to various real-life financial fraud cases. They had to present two prior cases where they had to (i) identify possible weaknesses in the internal control system; (ii) understand the theories underpinning fraudulent behaviours and (iii) learn to use new tools that can be handy and useful in financial fraud investigation. Three guest speakers comprising a police officer, a merchant banker and a deputy public prosecutor were also invited to give talks on financial criminology.

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