Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NPO Governance & Reporting

The Selangor Registrar of Societies (ROS)is embarking on a pilot project to enhance the
governance and reporting of societies and non profit organisations (NPO) who are currently registered with ROS. The pilot project is initiated jointly by ROS and the Accounting Research Institute (ARI) of Universiti Teknologi MARA. Premised on the requirements of the Societies Act 1966, the Asia Pacific Group on anti Money Laudering (APG Mutual Evaluation 2007) Report and the APG Typologies of NPO (2011), the pilot project develops an assessment instrument and evaluates the governance and financial reporting practices of 100 NPOs. The results of the pilot project will be ready by the end of November 2011. Today, Prof Dr Normah Omar (ARI Director), associate Professor Dr Roshayani Arshad (Head of the project) met up with ROS directors from Selangor (MR Noreffendy) and Kuala Lumpuar (Ms Zuliana) to discuss research progress. Currently ROS Selangor and ROS Kuala Lumpur have respectively more 9,000 and 8,000 societies and NPOs registered under them. Efforts are continuously undertaken by ROS to improve the governance and financial reporting of NPOs in Malaysia.

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