Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ANU Research Visit

Day Two

A quote from the university’s the Conferring of Awards Programme Booklet – July 2011 stipulates that
“Australian National University (ANU) is the only Australian member of the international Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) – a strategic partnership between the world’s best education and research institutions. The alliance shares a focus on research-led teaching, a commitment to educating future leaders and tackling some of the century’s biggest challenges. As Australia’s national university, ANU sets the standard in research, education and community engagement, on issues of national and international importance”. At ANU, the School of Accounting & Business Information is placed within the ANU College of Business & Economics. Next after University of Canberra, Professor Dr Normah and Dr Roszana met up with three researchers at ANU – Professor Juliana Ng & Dr Greg Shailer from ANU and another ANU newly PhD qualified researcher from Thailand, Dr Warawude Rurkwaranuk. ARI-ANU collaborative research will not be restricted to Financial Criminology alone.
There are strong research in the areas of corporate governance, finance, sustainability and financial reporting at the Australian National University. ARI's various heads of research centres: FRRC, CGRC, AMARC, APCeS, GLCRC and PSARC will need to do some follow ups on the prospect of research collaborations between the two universities....

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