Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ARI-University of Canberra Research Meeting

Day One

Prof Dr Normah Omar and Dr Roszana Tafsir arrived at the beautiful campus of University of Canberra (UC) at 10.00 am. The discipline of accounting, banking and finance is within the structure of the Faculty of Business and Government. There, at building no. 6, they were warmly greeted by the office secretary. A meeting with ten researchers, comprising professors and post-graduate students has been kindly arranged by Dr Miland Sathye, a professor in banking and finance. Prof Sathye himself has written several papers related to the cost of AML/CFT. What is interesting about the researchers here at UC is the fact they have a good balance of both teaching experience and being a practitioner in their respective fields. The meeting basically discussed specific collaborative research areas that could be explored by both ARI and UC. In addition to research in financial criminology, other topics include “The Independence of Auditor General”, “Critical Analysis of off-balance sheet items”, “Performance audit in the public sector” and “The impact of fraud on the capital market”. In a nutshell, it was a great research discussion

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