Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strategic Planning Interim Review

Today, heads of research centres and SIGs presented their actual achievements - in terms of research grants, research publications, number of post graduate students (enrolled, supervised and graduated), number of paper presentations, innovations as well as number of linkages. Seven strategic planning initiatives, code-named as "C-Cure" : C-Cure Publication, C-Cure Principal investigators, C-Cure Post Grad, C-Cure Grant, C-Cure Training & Gifts, C-Cure Innovation and C-Cure Collaboration were also presented by respective project managers and further discussed and deliberated by all participants. All in all, the retreat was very fruitful and effective in delivering the intended objectives. By the 10th of August 2011, a total of 37 papers would be submitted by ARI HICoE researchers as part of their year 1 deliverables. Congratulations

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