Friday, July 1, 2011

Farewell to Prof Dr Muhd Kamil

The Faculty of Accountancy and ARI organized a farewell do for our associate member Prof Dr Muhd Kamil Ibrahim. Effective September 2011, Prof Kamil is opting for an early retirement and will be moving to the University of Taiba in Saudi Arabia to take up a professorial position there. Prof Muhd Kamil was the founder of the Financial Reporting Research Centre (FRRC)was back in 2003. We will certainly miss him. Prof Kamil is an avid writer and an active researcher. He is an author of several best selling book, one of which is "Travelog Haji". . Among his other famous books include "Kecil Tapi Significant" - a must read book to those who is starting their PhD journey and "Travelog Iman". ARI members, including his many post-graduate students wish him all the best and we wish him well. Hopefully, through him, ARI will be able to foster some form of international collaboration with his new university and many other universities in the Middle east....

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