Monday, July 18, 2011

Visit to Macquarie University

After the UNSW research discussions in the morning, the two ARI researchers spent the whole afternoon to visit the Macquarie University some 20 km away from Sydney . The University is home to some of the world’s most pre-eminent researchers. These teams and individuals work across disciplinary boundaries to create real change. Basically, the university operates at the forefront of research practice in several distinct areas. These research strengths are the foundation of Macquarie University’s international reputation. The Key CORE areas of research strength at Macquarie are: (i) Ancient Cultures, (ii) Animal Behavior, (iii) Astronomy and Astrophysics, and (iv) Biomolecular Frontiers. In essence, Macquarie University has been in partnership with UiTM since 2005 when Prof Chris Patel visited ARI as part of his sabbatical research. Then, in 2007, Professor Hector Perera, Associate Prof Dr Sujatha also spent a few weeks at ARI. In 2009 & 2011, another researcher, Dr Philip Sinnadurai participated in several collaborative research projects with ARI researchers and had spent a few weeks at UiTM. In this visit, Prof Dr Normah and Dr Roszana specifically addressed on joint-research and joint-publication. Prof Patel has agreed on a joint project to convert ARI research monographs into international publications - an activity that he has personally undertaken at Macquarie and has produced very successful results.

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