Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visit by Institute of Public Enterprise, India

Yesterday, ARI received guests from the Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), a centre of excellence at Osmania University in India. IPE was established in 1964 as an autonomous non-profit institute with the objective of furthering studies, research and consultancy in management sciences. Specifically, IPE is devoted to systematic and sustained study of issues relevant to the formulation, implementation, review, monitoring and assessment of policies and programs concerning public enterprises. IPE Director, Prof R. K. Mishra brought along his three researchers to the meeting. In principle, ARI and IPE have agreed to collaborate in three programs of research, training and publication. Specific domain of research is in the governance area of public enterprises or government-linked companies both in India and Malaysia. Tentatively, a memorandum of understanding by both institutes will be signed in the fourth quarter of this year.
The prospect of collaboration is really great and we hope to be able to contribute significantly by providing related research findings to both the government of India and Malaysia on the competitive role of public enterprises /government-linked companies in transforming a nation from a developing status to a developed country....

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