Thursday, July 21, 2011

Malaysian Centres of Excellence: Research Findings

A group of researchers, Professor Dr Zakaria Abas (UUM), Dr Angelina (UNMC), Ms Chin (UTAR) and Mr Chong (UCSI) presented their research titled "Centres of Excellence in Malaysia: Comparative Strategic Management Practices, Models and Governance" in a workshop organised by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
The research abstract stipulates that " There is a rising need for Malaysian CoEs to have multiple and diversified sources of funding, apart from reliance on funding from parent institution. Diminishing in government grants increases the need to collaborate with industry for funding and commercialisation of R&D products. Arguably, it is difficult for an organisation or institution to encompass all resources.
Thus, CoEs need to collaborate strategically with multiple universities and companies on consortium platforms to enable effective and efficient use of resources, transfer of technology and sharing of knowledge. Furthermore, there is a need to have a structured governance system, periodic monitoring process, good leadership skills and succession planning. Directors of CoEs are also challenged to manage various stakeholders' expectations and relationships". A Consortium-Based CoE.....

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