Friday, September 7, 2012

Novel, Riddle and Forensic Accounting

Day 1: 
The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) thanks Professor Larry Crumbley for spending an evening talking to a group of researchers of the institute.  Crumbley, the "father" of forensic accounting does not only write forensic accounting books, interestingly enough, he has written more than ten novels on the topic.  His informal lecture this evening covered three interesting topics: forensic accounting, Crumbly's novels and the "three-dots riddle".  According to Crumbley, the "Forensic accountants are the private eyes of the business world,".  Whilst a normal accountant acts like a watchdog, Crumbley believes that a forensic accountant is trained to act like a bloodhound."   To succeed in the field, forensic accountants must learn to look beyond the obvious and think like a detective.  Crumbley further articulated that,  he often uses riddles to get his students thinking. The use of novels and riddles very often gets people to use their minds and imaginations. Some of the famous titles of his novels, include "The Ultimate Rip-off", "Trap Doors" and "Trojan Horses".  Thank you for starting our Retreat "on a high note and on the right footing"...