Saturday, September 1, 2012

Invitation by Rangsit University

The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) thanks Rangsit University and Thailand Accounting Association for their recent invitation to ARI director to attend a two-day academic seminar in Bangkok.  Professor Dr Normah Omar was asked by the organizers to present a paper on the prospect of offering Forensic Accounting programs in Thailand.  A total of seventeen universities were represented by some 150 participants at the event.  Thailand Accounting Association (TAA) is an association of accounting academics in that country.  Every year, TAA organizes at least two training programs for its members. A  Forensic Accounting program is a specialized program.  Globally, the program is either offered as an undergraduate program ( e.g. Bachelor of Science in Forensic Accounting or Bachelor of Forensic Accounting); Post Graduate program (Master in Forensic Accounting or Master in Financial Criminology) or as a professional program (Association of Certified Fraud Examiner).  Some of the courses offered by these program include financial accounting, auditing, law, criminology, computer science, investigation and communication.