Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OIC R&D Expert Group Meeting

Day 3
The third day of the meeting discusses R&D resolutions and put forward strategic action plan for the proposed collaboration among participating countries.  Some of the recommendations put forward in the resolutions include: firstly the establishment of Research and Innovation Collaborative Effort (OIC-RICE).  It is hoped that OIC-RICE will support and complement the activities of existing OIC agencies.  Essentially this initiative focuses on providing solutions to challenges faced by OIC countries as well as focusing on capacity building.  OIC-RICE ecosystem integrates "research collaboration", "knowledge transfer", "positioning" and "research market".  Among the "Ummah -Driven Solutions" proposed  include the formation of RACE, COE, establishment of OIC-RICE journals, High Impact Publication and the Creation of OIC Laureate Prize.  Secondly, whilst research collaborations between "like-minded" researchers of different OIC countries can commence immediately, there must be a formal understanding among participating countries (at the ministrial level) on the sources of funding.  An OIC Ministrial level meeting will be held in Sudan in November 2012.