Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meeting a Forensic Accounting GURU

It has been such an honour to meet up with Professor Dr Larry Crumbley of Louisiana State University (LSU), USA who is here for a short working visit in Kuala Lumpur.  Prof Crumbley is one of the pioneers and an icon within the forensic accounting fratenity. Contributor of nine articles to the Accounting Review, at least seven articles in the Journal of Accountancy, six articles in the Journal of Taxation, three in The Tax Adviser, eleven in the CPA Journal, two in The Journal of ATA, fifteen in Petroleum Accounting and Financial Mgt. J., seven in Tax Notes, and one in Tax Law Review, National Tax Journal, Advances in Taxation, Advances in Accounting Education, Journal of Accounting, Organization, and Society, and Journal of Risk and Insurance.  Besides, he co-authors at least 400 major articles and many newspaper columns. He also authored or co-authored  at least 55 books and many chapters/contributions to other publications.  The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) is extremely fortunate as Prof Crumbley has agreed to give an evening talk on "Forensic Accounting" during ARI Retreat on 7th September 2012.