Monday, September 10, 2012

Prof Humayun Talk on Islamic Microfinance

The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) thanks Professor Humayun Dar for dropping by at ARI and delivered a speech on "Islamic Microfinance" to our Islamic Finance research cluster members.  Professor Dar is an expert in Islamic microfinance and has initiatiated several microfinance-based enterpreneurship programs in developing countries.  In his talk,Prof Dar shared his involvement in microfinance.  One of the projects in Pakistan has successfully produced businesses dealing with staple foods - potato and corns.  Supported by  IDB, enterpreneurs initiatited their businesses on "special made" motor cycles and they move around towns to sell their products.  For ARI, one of its Phase 2 projects is on Islamic Micro Financing, which introduces the element of a supply chain within a total value creation framework.  Certainly, Prof Dar's suggestion would give an additional dimension to ARI's research niche in Islamic Financial Criminology. (Note: Prof Humayun Dar is the gentleman wearing grey suit and red tie).