Wednesday, September 26, 2012

IPSC 2012

Day 2

The second day of  IPSC 2012 was filled with more interesting deliberations.  A guest speaker from MACC presented a paper titled "Fraud in Public Sector: A Never Ending Story".  The speaker uses the Fraud Triangle Theory to explain behaviours of fraudster.  He further deliberated on a recent public sector fraud survey.  Following the interesting talk, were the presentations of more than seventy public sector research papers through ten parallel sessions.  Generally, the conference participants had such a difficult time to choose the "best slot" to attend. 

The afternoon sessions were filled with two very interesting slots: (i) A Forum " Embracing Accrual Accounting: Blending the Private and Public Sector Initiatives" and (ii) A special keynote speech by the Auditor General Tan Sri Dato' Setia Haji Ambrin bin Buang on a topic titled "Food for Thought: Issues in Public Sector Auditing".  Tan Sri shared several audit incidents and deliberated on how government auditors are expected to undergo continuous training programs so that they are always ahead in terms of professional and technical competencies.  Since government auditors are not given the statutory power to act against fraudsters from among unscrupulous public officers, other regulatory and enforcement agencies must play their role more effectively to quickly investigate and to charge wrong doers.

IPSC 2012 ended with the announcement of five best papers.  Congratulation all winners.  The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) wish to thank (i) all members of the organizing committee, (ii) local and international participants and (iii) donors,  for a successful conference.